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Albert Albert the Ogre

Concieving the idea for and creating the fantastical creature that is Albert the Ogre.

Milly Milly the Millipede, world record costume

Developing and creating the World's Largest costume, worn by 30 runners for the London Marathon.

hazel Bird of Paradise costume

To create a costume for a solo aerial show that would withstand the rigorous nature of rope work whilst maintaining it's structure and beauty.

water Elemental Carnival Costumes

Working in collaboration with 3 other artists we created 8 costumes representing Earth Air Fire and Water to be used around the capital throughout the summer

circle of 8 teepees fabricator

22-05-2011 to

sewing fabrication of the structures of 8 large tee pees used in Jamie Reid's 'Peace is tough' exhibition, Bear Pit, London

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