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a street of dream houses local dialogue workshop

28-08-2011 to

To engage community children with the processes of redesigning their local area.

final lanterns Claremont Project, autumnal procession

10-11-0004 to

This was a project for the 2 previous Samhain/ Diwali festivals to celebrate the drawing in of the nights. "2009 was a floating lantern event, 2010 was a carried lantern event.

water Elemental Carnival Costumes

Working in collaboration with 3 other artists we created 8 costumes representing Earth Air Fire and Water to be used around the capital throughout the summer

apollo space mission Worthing Childrens' Parade 11

15-04-2011 to 18-06-2011

Working within the community to create the carnival structures for Worthing's fourth Childrens' Parade.

dreaming emu City of London Festival sculpture creations

23-07-2011 to

Leading open access workshops to create two large sculptures based on an Oceania bird theme

Alice in Wonderland Holloway Arts Festival Carnival Coordinator

01-05-2008 to 04-07-2009

Holloway Arts Festival's Carnival coordinator, liaising with community groups to ensure their participation, and the creation of carnival costumes for the event.

biodiversity parade City of London Festival

09-05-2011 to 01-07-2011

The opening parade for the prestigious City of London Festival involving 1000 local children

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