18 Projects

Chagall Oval Selection of private commissions prior to 2011

01-01-2011 to 01-01-2012

Commissioned pieces, mostly wall mounted mirrors. Various sizes and shapes, some using the clients' own images.

biodiversity parade City of London Festival

09-05-2011 to 01-07-2011

The opening parade for the prestigious City of London Festival involving 1000 local children

Decor Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, 2011

24-06-2011 to 26-06-2011

Responsibility for the early set up and decoration of the Green Roadshow Field at Europe's largest arts festival.

apollo space mission Worthing Childrens' Parade 11

15-04-2011 to 18-06-2011

Working within the community to create the carnival structures for Worthing's fourth Childrens' Parade.

Alice in Wonderland Holloway Arts Festival Carnival Coordinator

01-05-2008 to 04-07-2009

Holloway Arts Festival's Carnival coordinator, liaising with community groups to ensure their participation, and the creation of carnival costumes for the event.

Introducing Miss Josephine Baker Private commissions 2011

01-01-2011 to 01-01-1012

private commissions to specific requirements for clients.

Japanese landscape Open House, May 2010

01-06-2008 to 00-00-0000

Exhibiting framed mirrors as part of Brighton Festival Open House trail with 5 other artists.

Babyoke, caravan and stars Babyoke

Babyoke is a small, self contained stage onto which pre-walking babies can express their inner rock star. It comes with it's own pink, sparkley vintage caravan/ changing room. There are a range of star costumes in various sizes with corresponding sound tr

circle of 8 teepees fabricator

22-05-2011 to

sewing fabrication of the structures of 8 large tee pees used in Jamie Reid's 'Peace is tough' exhibition, Bear Pit, London

dreaming emu City of London Festival sculpture creations

23-07-2011 to

Leading open access workshops to create two large sculptures based on an Oceania bird theme

water Elemental Carnival Costumes

Working in collaboration with 3 other artists we created 8 costumes representing Earth Air Fire and Water to be used around the capital throughout the summer

'this town ain't big enough........'  light box Jumbley Art

Organising, running and exhibiting the first time venue of Westhill hall, for Brighton Festival Open House trail.

hazel Bird of Paradise costume

To create a costume for a solo aerial show that would withstand the rigorous nature of rope work whilst maintaining it's structure and beauty.

Milly Milly the Millipede, world record costume

Developing and creating the World's Largest costume, worn by 30 runners for the London Marathon.

Albert Albert the Ogre

Concieving the idea for and creating the fantastical creature that is Albert the Ogre.

procession Lewisham Peoples' day 2010

10-07-0001 to

Producing and running a hugely successful creative space at Lewisham Peoples' Day, the largest Community Festival of it's kind in Britain.

final lanterns Claremont Project, autumnal procession

10-11-0004 to

This was a project for the 2 previous Samhain/ Diwali festivals to celebrate the drawing in of the nights. "2009 was a floating lantern event, 2010 was a carried lantern event.

a street of dream houses local dialogue workshop

28-08-2011 to

To engage community children with the processes of redesigning their local area.

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