Alice in Wonderland Holloway Arts Festival Carnival Coordinator

Date: 01-05-2008 - 04-07-2009
Location: Holloway/ Archway, North London
Role: Carnival Coordinator,
Creative Designer,
Community liason
Client(s): Rowan Arts Project
Collaborator(s): Scarabeus

My role was to organise the participation of local groups varying from the pre- school (one-o-clock club) to family learning groups with teenage siblings. I devised the costumes based upon the theme of 'The land where the Jumblies live' and facilitated the workshops in various setting in the local community. The workshop ranged from open community groups at drop-in sessions, After school clubs, and working with specific local schools.

'they went to sea in a sieve......' grafton school WPCA After School Club the blue jackdaws Big Day Out, July 08 pea green sieves and gossimer sails
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