visual-artVisual Art

My work encompasses a spectrum of mediums but resides mostly amongst glass and textiles. Having developed my own process of combining the two, my current work manifests predominantly as mirrors, frames, light boxes and hangings.


I can work with client's specific visions, needs and sizes.

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communityCommunity and Celebratory Art

I have been organising, managing  and facilitating art workshops and projects for over a decade, and for more than thirty events.

The workshops are all 3-D based, creating costumes, lanterns, flags, puppets or any item that can be themed appropriately to the event.

I have worked in culturally diverse areas and on multi cultural events, and am very experienced at running workshops in schools, with children of all ages and abilities.

I am a qualified play worker with specialist training in Speech and Language, Child Protection, and Makaton signing.

My previous experience of working within school and community contexts includes creating individual pieces with each participant, and large scale structures that are worked on by a larger group.

For out-door events I have my own small marquee measuring 3mX 5m. Within this I am able to run workshops, encouraging a creative environment with appropriate inspirational props and materials.

I am CRB cleared and have public liability insurance.

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costumeCostume/ Clothing

I began creating costumes when given a sewing machine at the age of 15 years.

Wicked Faerie Productions was initially born as my clothes label to sell my creations made from recycled and reclaimed textiles. As the company grew to encompass other activities I have focused my costume abilities on designing and making specific one-off commission items and carnival pieces.

The majority of my recent commissions have  originated in the sphere of independent performers in the physical theatre and circus, and weddings.

I have branched into children's clothes and accessories since having my own and realising that the clothes generally available are not very exciting or inspiring.

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From initially organising workshops, I have moved onto creatively directing and managing events. From aliasing with schools and community groups, and councils, to hands on event site set up.

Risk assessment and health and safety can be coordinated with councils and emergency services.

Contract arrangement, scheduling, stage managing and evaluation all carried out.

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